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About Karen

Doctors and Drugs Never Helped Me.  My Answer Was Completely Unexpected.

Karen Hurd before and after pictureWhen I was growing up,  WonderBread was “building strong bodies 12 ways”.  I begged my Mom for 1-2-3 Jello.  I hated     canned peas.  (I still do).  Processed foods were considered as healthy as “from scratch” cooking.  But I was a sick kid.  Constantly congested, colds, measles and mumps -at the same time!- chicken pox,  impetigo, you name it, I caught it. My mom took me to every doctor in Detroit looking to find out why I was so congested.  Adult strength decongestants and the new drug Cortisone were prescribed for me.  No change.

Mom decided that we all needed to be on vitamins.  She started me on chewable desiccated liver tablets (blech!), chewable dolomite (blech!), and who knows what else. I don’t know what they were supposed to do for me, because there was no change.   I was still a sick kid.  In fact, I was famous in school for 2 things: a constant stuffy runny nose and talking too fast. When I was 17 Mom got her answer: I was diagnosed with 35 different allergies. In my college years I was the the super-crunchy feminist who would  eat weird vegetarian combos and go out for cigarettes, beer, and pizza.   Sure, I was  fascinated by herbs and natural foods, but like a lot of people, found the whole crunchy-scene very time consuming and not very tasty.  I never really saw any change in my health no matter what I did. If a drug worked, the side effects were intolerable.  The eczema seemed unstoppable.  By my mid-30’s I was pretty worn out.  My doctors said that my symptoms were impossible to control, so I  just needed find a way to live with it.   My children were constantly sick as well.

I kept praying for an answer, and God kept sending this “pesky” Shaklee lady to my house.  She kept after me to give the Shaklee products a “fair try”.   To my great surprise, the products worked.  18 months later I decided to open my own business, and chose Shaklee as my supplier. Now that I was in business, I had to “get with the program”. I faithfully took the  supplements as Pat suggested, and within 6 weeks I was off of my 6 prescription allergy drugs. I was virtually symptom free for the first time in my life. My PMS and joint pain disappeared.**  I had never had anything that was natural work so profoundly before. I was given a new life. I was set free from pain, sickness and disease management.

My passion for health freedom was born.  I no longer see a diagnosis as a prison, but as the beginning of a new journey.  Let me know how I can help. You may have struggled with a chronic health condition, or you may be looking to optimize your health. My goal is to empower you to truly be as healthy and vitalized as possible. I am looking for passionate, committed people who are looking to help others while they create a solid financial future for themselves.

** I am not making any medical or health claims but telling you my story.  Your results may be different. I’ve  been teaching people how to optimize their health and live longer since 1996.  I offer personal consultations, public seminars, podcasts and webinars on health and home business topics.

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Phone: 757-301-1855

Facebook: WomanWize Health

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