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The Shaklee Difference

What Shaklee does that, frankly, other companies don’t. Any why.

When you compare labels in the store, or online, many products look the same. It takes a little digging behind the scenes, to see the differences in products. Cindy Latham, Sr. VP New Product Development, Shaklee Corporation on why Shaklee is different and some . . . → Read More: The Shaklee Difference

Does Sensa Work?

SENSA Products, LLC.

When it comes to evaluating nutrition and health ideas I have a basic rule: Does this new health tip allow someone to avoid the consequences of bad health decisions and still gain good health? That one rule has been borne out again and again as the latest magic pill, drink or . . . → Read More: Does Sensa Work?

Disney Vitamins Safety Recall

The makers of Disney/Marvel brand vitamins have paid over $2.1 million dollars in refunds because the products did not contain the nutrients on the labels. The products were manufactured by Rexall Sundown, which has been involved in a number of poor quality vitamins. (Full story here)

Moral of the story: there is always a reason . . . → Read More: Disney Vitamins Safety Recall

Killer Vitamins? Iowa Women’s Health Study

Guest Post by Stephen Chaney, PhD.

Last week I discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the Iowa Women’s Health Study (Mursu et al, Archives of Internal Medicine, 171: 1625-1633, 2011) which has been interpreted as suggesting that multivitamins and certain individual vitamin or mineral supplements could actually increase the risk of mortality in older women.

. . . → Read More: Killer Vitamins? Iowa Women’s Health Study

Soy Protein- Miracle Food or Monster?

Enter soy protein. Have you ever wondered why such a heavily studied food source is so controversial? . . . → Read More: Soy Protein- Miracle Food or Monster?