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Multi -ethnic group of third grade elementary students in class, Modesto,CA.

   Better Brains, Better Kids


What if your child’s behavior isn’t completely his fault (or yours)?
No matter how hard you try, something isn’t working.
You need to be on this webinar!

–   Improve school performance and daily behavior without drugs
–   Help mood swings and melt downs
–   Get your child and your environment healthier |
–    ADHD, OCD, and other issues that impact functioning
–   Toddler thru teen

This webinar will make a tremendous difference for your family

As the mother of children with ADHD and severe allergies, I know how crazy it can be to try to teach a child who can’t sit still, or melts down over the slightest issue.

Within just 2 short weeks of dietary changes and supplements, our sons behavior improved dramatically, and his handwriting increased 2 grade levels!  My cranky, aggressive child became a delightful student!  He was so much happier, too!
Make sure that you join us on Thursday and bring a friend.

When: Thursday, April 24  8:30 PM Eastern 7:30 PM CT

Cost:  Free

Reserve your seat now – spaces limited to the first 50 people