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How much is a Shaklee membership?

The basic membership is $19.95.  You may join for free when you purchase any one of these featured kits :

  • Life Plan®
  • Vitalizing Plan®
  • Essentials Plan®
  • Vitalizer®

Your 15% discount is effective immediately.  Put your order on Autoship and receive an extra immediately and on any autoship with a qualifying purchase.

The Gold Ambassador Shaklee home business opportunity starts at $349.  The Gold Ambassador Paks allow you to build your Shaklee business anywhere in the world Shaklee operates.  Click here to learn more about our home business.

How do I order?

There are three ways to order Shaklee:

1) You can order as a guest and pay the retail prices on the site. That’s the SRP price.
2) You can join as a Customer Member for $19.95, and get 15% discount. We call that the MP price.
3) Once a Member, you can order and sponsor your referrals, through your own Member account.

If you’d like, you can call me, and place your order over the phone.

What is a New Member Orientation?

The WomanWize Team offers exclusive benefits and resources for our members.  We ask each member to join us for a member orientation.  Your WomanWize sponsor will fill you in on the details.

Do I have to sell Shaklee if I join?

No.  If you join as a Customer Member, you are not eligible to sell Shaklee.  Your referrals become a part of your Shaklee family. If you ever decide to build a business, those referrals automatically become a part of your business organization.

What if I change my mind?  How do I start a Shaklee business?

Any Shaklee member can upgrade to Distributor by purchasing a Gold Ambassador Pak.  Before you do that, please evaluate our  business system The Dream Plan.  You can do that here: Home business

Do I have to order every month?

There is no ordering requirement for Customer Members.   You can get a 15% discount for life.

How long does it take to get my products?

The products are shipped by FedEx® from Shaklee’s main warehouse in Columbus, Ohio.  We say to plan on an average of 5-8 business days.   You may request expedited shipping for an extra charge.

What if I don’t like the products?

If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, Shaklee has a 100% Money-Back guarantee.   You may be asked to ship the product back to Shaklee at your expense. If the wrong item was shipped, or if a product is defective (like a leaky bottle) , Shaklee will exchange or refund the product.

How does the Autoship work?

Shaklee’s autoship is completely flexible.  You can choose the items, the ship date, and the frequency of your order.  There is no minimum order requirement.

What is WomanWize™?

Women today are busy, busy, busy. It seems like life is more complicated than ever, but it seems impossible to slow down and simplify without sacrificing important things. WomanWize was inspired by the National Woman to Woman Initiative. It’s seeing Shaklee through the unique perspective of a woman’s eyes. We show women how to simplify their lives and at the same time increase the quality of life.

WomanWize outreach includes webinars, in-home events and podcasts. Our goal is to inspire, encourage, and empower women. We celebrate the accomplishments of women who have pioneered natural living and helping other women achieve success without compromise.

Living more naturally is affordable and simple. A WomanWize event includes some fun interactive games, product tasting, inspiring stories and prizes. We are really doing something wonderful and powerful here. Hosting a WomanWize event is pretty simple. You will get a percentage of orders in free products. Contact me, or your Shaklee sponsor for more information and to set your date.

Create a Life you love.

How do women do business differently then men? Women are natural networkers. Women naturally promote things  they believe in. When a woman recommends something, it’s more personal for her, than for most men. We believe that women have gifts and talents that make a natural fit with Shaklee. If you have enough money and choices in your life, you might not need a Shaklee business. But if you are feeling strangled by your career, squeezed by financial pressures, and worried about your financial future, visit Create A Life You Love today.  A simple change can make a big difference in your world.