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In order to begin to help your allergic symptoms, it’s important to understand what allergies really are.  Allergies are not merely an over-reaction on the part of your immune system.  Allergies are a mis-regulated response , almost as if your immune system was “confused”.  Your immune system is interpreting tree pollen for example, as a dangerous intruder (bacterial or viral) , not as harmless tree pollen.  It marshals its forces to attack, and the checks and balances in your immune system that would normally properly distinguish danger from not-danger, shut down.  The histamine production (which causes hives, inflammation and so forth) is now in hyper-drive without any check.

There are two main types of allergies that I am concerned with: IgE and IgG.  IgE allergies are immediate and some can be life threatening and even fatal.  Avoidance of the allergen is KEY.  IgG allergies (and you must know that many allergists do not consider IgG allergies as allergies but as intolerances) are more difficult to detect, because the reaction can be delayed as much as 72 hours after exposure.  IgG allergies are often found through blood tests such as the ELISA or the RAST test.  Your physician or healthcare provider must order these tests for you.

Supplementation is often done independently of your health care provider, because most don’t work with supplements.  It is wise to check with your healthcare provider, physician and/or pharmacist before beginning any kind of wellness program.  Open communication is important. Never discontinue any medication without the express consent of your physician.

Lower the toxic load. Build the immune system.  Restore with anti-oxidants.

Allergic reactions create a significant increase in free radicals and inflammation in your body.  That is one reason why steroids, like cortisone, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are recommended for chronic allergy sufferers. Especially in the case of sinus congestion, chronic inflammation aggravates the stuffy feeling caused by excess mucus build up.

1) a detox – to rid the body of the toxins built up from years of allergic reactions and chemical exposure.  Additionally it helps rid the body of excess mucus build up.
2) switching to green cleaners and non-toxic skin – lower the toxic load on the body.  In many cases this is enough to radically reduce symptoms.
3) Build up with supplementation – build up the body and the immune system.  A stronger immune system, resists an incorrect response.  Note: for thosewith IgE allergies, especially severe life threatening allergies, avoidance of the allergic substance is still necessary.
4) Include a strong anti-oxidant program- allergic response are high producers of free-radicals (oxidants).  Some anti-oxidants, like vitamin C, also act as natural anti-histamines
5) supplemental herbs: Alfalfa Complex®, Garlic Complex®, Nutriferon® , Immunity Formula I ® – all from Shaklee Corporation

The more severe your allergies and the longer your allergic history, the stronger and more broad your program needs to be.

My personal allergy relief story

My doctor said it was impossible for me to be virtually symptom free with 35 different allergies. I was no longer on allergy shots, didn’t need my prescription decongestants, nor antihistamines, nor various steroid based creams, and I was breathing through my nose (if you are very congested from allergies, you know that allergic people don’t take breathing for granted) for the first time ever in my life. He said it was only a placebo effect.

So I fired him.

I have been free from any maintenance medication for my allergies since 1996.  I have been free from the eczema symptoms the plagued me from my childhood, since 1996.  Of course, I cannot make any claims for you, nor promise any cure.  But there are things that you can do that are natural and safe, and can make a tremendous difference in how your feel.

I also cannot make any specific recommendations for you, especially not online.  I can offer some tips and suggestions.  If you want personalized help, please contact me.  I did follow the outline of the program I recommended above.

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