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Non-Toxic Home

It may be a toxic world, but your home can be a safe, toxin-free haven!



Why is a Toxic Free Home Important?

Are you interested in going green?  Worried about the cost?  Concerned about greenwashing?  If you’re not a research scientist, how do you understand labels?

The green industry has gone from being a fringe movement to big business.  In many ways that’s very good for consumers, human health and the environment.  However, big profits can also lead to big fraud.  Some companies trying to cash in are creating  both eco-friendly products for the green market and still spew out toxic household cleaners.   Both are sold on the same grocery store shelf.  Is that what we mean by sustainable?

Consumers have often been forced to choose between green cleaners that were expensive and often not very effective and toxic cleaners that worked.  Fortunately the Shaklee Corporation has been making organic cleaners since 1960 when other people asked “why?”.  Shaklee’s production methods are eco-friendly, the ingredients are from sustainable sources.  And they are thoroughly tested by third parties for effectiveness.

We have been using Shaklee cleaners exclusively in our home for over 14  years.  In that time I have come to love the products, although  I don’t love cleaning!  They rinse easily, there is no film, no fumes, they clean everything.  When my children were younger, I didn’t have the stress of worrying about toxic exposure.  (My kids didn’t like that safe non-toxic Shaklee cleaners- meant that cleaning chores were part of their life!).  The Get Clean line saves me money too.  The products are versatile – I can use them many different ways by just varying the concentrations.  Best of all- my hands and skin are never dry.  My hands look younger, too!

Who Should Use Green Cleaners?

People with allergies: Non-toxic cleaners, especially the Get Clean ®, line do not irritate breathing passages.  They do not irritate skin.  Many have reported reductions in headaches, asthma symptoms, sinus congestion, and improvements in various skin conditions when using the Get Clean®  line.

Families with young children, pregnant women: Standard household cleaners are toxic and poisonous.  The Shaklee Get Clean® line is extraordinarily safe.  Many of our clients have often told us that when they introduced the Shaklee Get Clean ® cleaners into their homes that their children’s behavior and concentration improved.  There is an increasing number of scientific links between standard cleaners and toxic effects on the livers, brains, and central nervous systems in children.

Women: Women (and children) metabolize the toxins in cleaning and personal care products much more quickly then men.  Two studies have linked standard household cleaners to increased breast cancer risks.

Schools: This is an increasingly important market.  Some studies are showing decreases in absenteeism and increases in test scores when school eliminate toxic cleaners.  Saves taxpayer dollars too.  If your school is interested in Get Clean ® please contact me directly at or  Schools require purchase orders and often Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS).

People concerned about the environment: The biggest source of toxic pollution is not factories and businesses, but homes!  Using Get Clean® non-toxic cleaners is a great way to do your part to help the environment.  Make sure to visit the site to see how the packaging is designed to reduce waste.

People with chronic illness: Toxin overload the immune system.  Reducing toxins allows your body to rest and to heal.

Businesses who care about their customers: Using Get Clean ® cleaners reduces overhead costs, improves employee health and shows your customers that you care about their health and the environment.  As an added bonus, businesses can create additional publicity with the local media when they switch over.  Own a cleaning business?  Offer your clients a green and healthy alternative.

People who want to save money: Get Clean® by the Shaklee Corporation is extremely cost effective.  The Get Clean starter kit has been shown to save families $3,400 over the other cleaners.  How can they do that?  Because the products are concentrated and versatile.  get-clean-cost-comparison


Learn More about Get Clean (R) here.

Green Goes with Everything – Sloan Barnett’s book on toxins in the Environment. 10% of proceeds are donated to Shaklee Cares disaster relief organization.