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Being Healthy can be Simple, Practical and “Do-able”.

Prevention is the best health care reform available.

Living longer – over 100 years – with a high quality of life is possible and practical.   Stereotypes  of old age where one is feeble, marginalized and spending the last years in a nursing home are quickly being replaced with “60 is the new 40”.  Anti-aging lifestyles and the power of prevention are combining to extend lives, avoid the chronic diseases of old age and redefine being older.  It’s an exciting time to be alive!

Longevity training is not confined to wealth baby boomers.  It begins with our children.  Everything that we do to live longer: supplementation, exercise, non-toxic environments, detoxing and staying connected with each other have a positive impact on all stages of life from infancy to late adulthood.  It is true that if you maximize your health  you’ll maximize your life.

You don’t need overly restricted diets, strange food combinations and a lifestyles of no-no’s in order to maximize your health.  I believe that simple steps, modest dietary changes, exercise and a high quality supplement program are all you need.  Prevention costs less than than being unhealthy and chronic disease.

If you are just beginning to understand the power of prevention and the limits of conventional medical practices, it can be overwhelming.  You might even be skeptical.  My goal in bringing you this site is to be a solid resource for you. I do not promote fads or gimmicks.  Gimmicks are “sexy” and they are exciting at first, but they’re like photo-shopped supermodels.  All smoke and mirrors, nothing real.

There are solid standards for health and health products, like vitamins that are based on wisdom, science and common sense, not marketing angles.   I will not publish anything that I cannot verify from a primary source. I’ll do my best, and correct mistakes when I find them.  Please feel free to post your questions and suggestions.  Your feedback is important!

It is simple to be healthy if you know what to do. Your health is a series of pluses and minuses.  Exercise is a plus, toxic cleaners in your house is a minus. Drinking purified water is a plus, soda is a minus.  Double minus if it is diet soda.  High quality supplements a plus!   We believe that the simple act of changing brands (we prefer Shaklee) is an easy way to get healthier, promote a healthier planet and create a fabulous lifestyle.


Karen Miner Hurd
Virginia Beach, VA
Twitter: WomanWize
Facebook: WomanWize Health


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