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Natural Anti-aging Skin Care

Updated October 26, 2015

Are you looking for natural, safe skin care that’s:
-Results oriented and proven
-Guaranteed to work or your money back?

What makes our Skin Nutrition Therapy(TM) by Shaklee different?
How can it be so effective without AHA’s, Nanosomes, or other harmful ingredients?

The secret lies in over 50 years of nutritional research.  The Shaklee Corporation has done unprecedented research on the needs of your skin and the best way to get your skin’s needs met.  Shaklee knows the secret of communicating with your skin’s cells.

Review the ground-breaking research
Over 5 years and $1,000,000 went into the unprecedented research to bring men and women skin care the works AND that is not harmful to your skin or to the environment.

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Walt- Before and After

Look at the difference in his skin in just 7 weeks.

What are the results?

Skin Nutrition Therapy was tested on over 2,000 sensitive skinned people in the largest skin care study to date.

Here are the results:

– 560% increase in skin elasticity
– 88% reduction in fine lines in just 2 weeks
– 199% decrease in fine lines in  28 days
– 245% increase in skin resiliency and firmness in 28 days
– 421 % decrease in the appearance of wrinkles in 28 days
– 37 % increase in skin moisture in 28 days
– A definitive evening of skin tones

What did NOT go into Skin Nutrition Therapy (TM):

– NO Mineral Oil
– NO Alpha-hydroxy Acids (AHA’s)
– NO Parabens
– NO Dioxane 1,4
– NO Retinols
– NO Nanosomes
– NO animal product or animal by-products
– NO artificial preservatives
– NO SD- 40 alcohol (that’s the kind that dries skin)
– NO propylene glycol
– NO isospropyl palmitates – NO DEA
– NO sodium laurel sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate
– NO artificial colors or scents
– NO formaldehyde promoting ingredients
– NO Warning labels

OK SO what IS in this product?

Bioactive Vitamin E
Bioactive Vitamin C
Biotactive Vitamin A
Skin loving enzymes

That’s why it’s called “Skin Nutrition Therapy (TM)” because it feeds your skin essential nutrients.

These nutrients are then Combined into patented blend that reverses and slows down the aging process on your skin.

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What does that mean to you?

That in less than 28 days you will have the best skin of your life: smoother, silkier, clearer, younger looking.

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