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Weight Loss -Do a 180!


Take Your Shape in a Whole New Direction!  Is Shaklee 180 ™  for You?

Do  you want to lose weight naturally, simply, with food that tastes good, and have it be something you can live with?  Then this will be a good fit for you.  If you don’t want to stress about every little morsel that you eat, if you want something designed for real people who really like food, then this is for you.  Need extra motivation (don’t we all, sometimes?) Shaklee 180™ includes weekly prizes and a grand prize trip to Paris!  Get started on Shaklee 180™ today!

 Heather’s Story

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One more thing – the Shaklee 180™ program recognizes that even though you have some weight to lose, it’s not all your fault.  No condemnation here….just real people getting healthy, getting leaner, and enjoying life a whole lot more. Learn more right now

True Story – Jean’s Life was changed dramatically by The Shaklee 180 ™ program.
Jean, who admittedly “never stuck to a diet her entire life,” is now 14 inches and 32 pounds healthier.* “I haven’t felt this good in 12 years! *Inch was the easiest plan I ever did because I never felt hungry.”

“I desperately needed to lose weight,” says Jean. “I never stuck to a diet in my entire life.” Jean heard about the  Inch Loss Plan from friends at a party, who soon invited her to their house and prepared some sample *Inch shakes for her. “My husband was reluctant to spend the money, given my history,” says Jean. Yet after she tasted the shakes she said “I can DO this”.
So she did. And she began losing two pounds a week.* “I even took *Inch on our summer vacation, ate out every night and still lost weight,” says Jean. “I had some blood work done and my doctor called and said because of my weight loss to stop taking my cholesterol medication because I didn’t need it anymore!”

Jean’s daughter, a college student, also began the *Inch Plan and lost 14 pounds.* She was especially pleased with the low-glycemic features of *Inch, since she has diabetes.

In the beginning, a hurdle for Jean is now her exercise of choice: walking. “The most difficult challenge for me was to get moving and start walking because I  wasn’t someone who would exercise,” says Jean. Now she looks forward to her walks. She is so motivated that she even discovered a novel location for walking, no matter what the weather—a vacant floor in her large office building! She and a friend often go there to talk and get their “steps” in.

Currently, Jean is 32 pounds healthier and has gone from a size 14 pant to a size 6.* “Losing weight has boosted my self-esteem tremendously,” she says. ”Especially when I shop for clothes. And my husband and daughter encouraged me to try a ‘makeover’ so I got rid of my glasses and got contacts. Next, I changed my hair color and style. It’s a brand-new me and it’s been fun. I think they named this program correctly, because it really WAS a ‘cinch!’”

Another life change—Jean is a *Cinch Distributor now. “I had so many people asking me the secret to my success, I decided to sign up—I want that PV,” she laughs. “Now when people ask, I direct them to my web site. My whole story is there.”

*Results not typical.

*Cinch has worked for thousands of people.  By address the many factors that cause weight gain in one simple program,  you can lose weight, inches, gently increase your metabolic rate to healthy levels. You will build muscle, making you look trimmer, and that increased muscle helps you prevent future weight gain.

Give Shaklee 180™  program a try. Millions of pounds and inches have been lost by people of all ages and fitness levels.



The Cinch Inch Loss™ program is now called Shaklee 180™.