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Home Business

No Boss.  No Daycare.

Less Stress.

More Money.



Earn like a CEO.

Stay home like a Mom.

What do you want from a home business?

  • More flexibility and control over your schedule
  • Part-time – $500- 2,000/month or more
  • Step by step training and mentoring provided
  • NO pressure- you set the timetable for your business
  • NO inventory
  • NO pushy sales, no cold calls
  • Opportunity for advancement
  • Partnered with Shaklee, the number one natural nutrition company in North America 
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Imagine living your life on YOUR terms

  • No more crazy stress trying to juggle work, home and family
  • No more taking crying kids to daycare (and trying not to cry yourself)
  • Be with your family on your terms – not just when your boss says “OK”
  • No more worry about being laid off or losing your job
  • Financially free – debt free- living abundantly

We have a simple online marketing system that lets you create wealth without compromises. Visit the site.  Then take the mini tour  of our system.  If you like what you see, let’s chat for a couple of minutes.  You can decide if you want to evaluate our business further or not. I have been in Shaklee for over 18 years, and it is the best business decision I (and my husband) have ever made!

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Got a question?  Contact me: Karen Miner Hurd 757-301-1855 (Direct) (I’m on Eastern Time) Twitter: WomanWize