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Let’s Talk About You

You’re too important to the people in your life to accept anything but the best possible health.  

Do you have a question?  Do you want to talk?

 A few simple changes can make a dramatic difference in how we feel and how we function.   Our health impacts  our families,  our friends, and can expand our influence or reduce our impact. You’re too important to the people in your life to accept anything but the best possible health.  If you suffer from any of the health issues that this website addresses, go ahead and give me a call.  I won’t push anything on you.  We’ll just have a conversation about your concerns and whether or not I might be able to help.



Many people want to know:

  • Which vitamins do I really need?
  • How much should I take?
  • Where do I start ?
  • Will my vitamins interfere with my medications?
  • Can I take too much?

As a wellness educator, my goal is to offer guidance, education and coaching.  If you have serious health challenges, we have an extensive network of medical and health professionals that we recommend.  Some of those professionals do charge fees for their services.

Our health coaching is not designed for diagnosis, nor does it replace medical advice from your physician or health care professional.

Other services include:

Wellness seminars, phone conferences, webinars, and Learn and Earn self-education program.

We offer workshops and in-home events for private individuals, schools, organizations, and businesses.

Find information on a wide variety of health topics: Better Health in 31 days


Requesting information doesn’t obligate you in any way. It just lets me get a better idea of how I can help you.

Have questions? – – Call me at 757-301-1855 or email:

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